Available for Kontakt

A new View of a Studio Classic

Bring the distinctive sound of the Rhodes MKII back to life and inspire your music productions with the ETI ROADS.

Every single key of this instrument was captured with the utmost precision, for the most authentic and realistic sound possible.

The unique sound of the ETI ROADS is now available to you as a KONTAKT instrument…

… and it’s free!


5790 samples in 96KHz/24-Bit .wav

42 velocity levels, dynamic release

Pedal- and instrument noise


BASS BOOST emulation of the original

Additional TREBLE knob

Individual dynamic settings


Iconic VIBRATO, even in stereo

Amp simulation, including cabinet

The best reverb available in KONTAKT



01 – Funky
02 – Soft
03 – Soul


01 – Soft
02 – Distorted
03 – Shivers

ProduCt infoRMATION

Product type: KONTAKT Instrument
For use with: KONTAKT 5.6.8* (or newer)
Number of instruments: 1 NKI
Samples: 5790 samples, 96KHz/24-Bit
Sound category: Electric piano
Instrument: Rhodes MKII, 1980
Recorded keys: 73
Velocities: 42 sustain, 37 release
Other samples: Pedal noises, instrument noise
Effects: Tremolo, amp simulation, reverb
Download size: 9.3 GB (9.9 GB uncompressed)
Manual: English ManualGerman Manual
EULA: EULA EnglishEULA German

*A full version of KONTAKT is required for the use of the ETI ROADS. The ETI ROADS is not compatible with the KONTAKT PLAYER.


The ETI ROADS was created as part of a bachelor thesis at the Erich-Thienhaus Institute in Detmold, Germany. The Rhodes MKII that is available there for music productions was initially prepared and tuned for the recording of the samples. After a week and around 50 hours of recorded audio, the instrument was now immortalized with greatest possible detail. After processing and denoising, the thousands of samples were embedded in KONTAKT, a GUI was created, and the additional functions were implemented through scripting. You can find a link to a digital version (in german) of the thesis right here.


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